Who Are We?

Disciples from a variety of different age groups, economic groups, Ethnic backgrounds, and religious backgrounds united in a common desire to be a people called, changed, & committed by/to Jesus Christ and His mission.

Our Mission/Vision

To be a platform from which disciples of Christ can effectively & efficiently impact their world. "Less about the show. More about the GO." Showing our disillusioned & disbelieving neighbors: • the validity of Christian faith • the church as it was originally established, • and the value of Relational Discipleship. “Christianity works in the real world.”

Why Compass?

We are a faith community characterized by four key compass points: N – Navigate people to Jesus. E – Engage the community whenever possible. S – Serve everyone in love. W – Worship, growing through study, prayer and praise. See Why Compass? for more info.

Recent Posts

Summer = Busy Days!!!

          One of the key “Compass Points” that make up the Key Values for Compass Christian is the idea of being as Engaged as possible in our community so that we can Serve them in Love while we continue…

Easter @ Compass

Good Friday:  1-3 PM

Open time of Prayer in the auditorium.   Come and go as you please.  There will be devotional thoughts provided or simply pray as you wish.

The minister will also be available if you desire for him to join you in prayer.

Easter Sunday Continental Breakfast  9:15 Am