Thrivent & Compass — Where are you going, financially?

Feeling some financial pressure as the Back to School bills and fees start piling up?  

Thrivent financial is teaming up with Compass Christian Church to provide some help.   These seminars are guaranteed to be quilt free and non-judgemental.  Through discussion and activities the Thrivent group helps you discover what you want to make your financial priority and to discover ways to make these goals a reality.

Two opportunities are being offered:

September 7-28  —  Wednesday evenings 6-7:30 PM.   Thrivent seminars & Workshops:

More than Money Matters.   Series of 4 sessions about 1 hour in length.  This values-based workshop series can help you develop skills to take charge of your finances and reach your goals.  It offers information and tools on topics such as setting goals, debt and credit, finding money to save and budgeting.

October 2 / Sunday.  Lunch at 11:30 AM.  Thrivent seminars & Workshops:

Making a Difference seminar following lunch.    This workshop is designed to help you share your resources (time, talents and treasures) thoughtfully and intentionally in ways that align with your values.  You will explore ways to make the most of your resources.  A light lunch is offered for participants at 11:30 am followed by the workshop.

All the Thrivent sessions will be led by Mr. Don George who grew up in Kenmore and still lives the community.  He is very tuned into the life circumstances surrounding the financial picture in our neighborhood.


Our mission statement guides us in all we do.

We are a membership organization of Christians, and our members are our owners.

Our purpose is to serve our members and society by guiding both to be wise with money and live generously.

We believe that all we have is a gift from God and that generosity is an expression of faith.

We succeed when our members, their families and their communities thrive.

We value our relationships, so we will: Be trustworthy in character and competence, and Act like owners and treat each other as owners, and Live balanced and generous lives.

Please contact the church office @  330-753-3121 or [email protected],  for more info or to leave a reservation for the event.

Open Tone Music Academy

Compass Christian Church and Open Tone Music have been working together from the very early days.

Open Tone is a Not for Profit that has existed since 2010– and their Executive Director, Chris Anderson has been a part of our worship team and strategic plans from the very early days.

Open Tone has a great mission:accessiblemusic

As members of the arts community, we see the large number of young people that miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefit of music education. We also see many who have limited or no access to the performing arts including seniors and those who are hospitalized.

Open Tone Music is committed to bringing music to people. Our mission is to support, develop and implement programs which focus on making music performance and music education accessible. We focus primarily on youth but serve individuals of all ages. We strive to fill the ever growing gap of individuals both young and old who have been denied the benefits of music.

Coming to Compass — Open Tone Music Academy !!!

While some details have to be worked out yet — September 10, 2016, Open Tone will launch their Music Academy in the Compass Christian Church building.  The plan calls for Open Tone to provide an academy teaching music for little or no cost to young people from the Akron area, especially the Kenmore Community.

On Saturdays students will have opportunity to learn the instrument they choose under the guiding hand of musicians who are graduate level students and/or graduates.  These mentors will also be musicians who are performing professionally at various venues throughout NE Ohio and beyond.

Students will not only have an opportunity for lessons, but the goal is to provide various performance venues for students in the form of concerts and worship teams.  Classroom experience and “hands-on” live performance combining to make the students’ musical experiences of the highest possible quality.

If you have a student interested in learning more — please get their contact info to Compass via phone message at 330.753.3121 or by email:   [email protected]

As soon as possible we will contact them about exact times / costs / and registration procedures.

We also are looking for donated instruments.   Remember that flute hidden under the bed?   Or that sax in the back of closet?  Why not give it new life by donating it to Open Tone and/or Compass Christian Church for use in the Academy?

Any donation to Open Tone or Compass is fully tax deductible.