Core Values

CORE-Values_New-PodcastPeople – of all types. God paid the highest of prices for the people of the world. They are valuable to Him. They will be valuable to us.

The Bible – The Word is a lamp to our feet. A light for our path. Scriptural principles dwell in us as an umpire for life and keeping us from sin.

Love – God is love. We want to think, act, and be like Him. We are commanded to love God with all we have and also to love others.

Community – The natural overflow of loving others is to live, love, laugh, and cry in community/relationship. The church is God’s expression of true loving community.

Service – When we treat others as being of more importance than ourselves we gain credibility and a voice. Through service to those in our world we have opportunity to ultimately serve by introducing them to Jesus.

Discipleship – Being a disciple is the process of following Him and learning His ways. He invites all to come, (called by Christ) and He will make you (changed by Christ) fishers of men (committed to His mission). ~Matthew 4:19.