Our goal is teaching that is biblical yet practical.

At Compass we encourage every individual to study the scripture and learn the principles for living that are found within.   Every effort is made to look carefully at the text to determine not only the facts of the text, but what principles are being taught.   These principles are then applied to daily life.

Teaching takes place Sunday mornings in our worship services with Biblical, yet practical sermons which aim at pointing the listener to how the covered text applies “Monday morning”.

Small groups are a key value at Compass Christian.  Thinking circles rather than rows, these groups are open and frank discussions of life, doubts, struggles, joys and challenges centering around the scripture text.

Each participant is encouraged to share in the learning.  Most groups will not have a “teacher,” but rather a facilitator who leads the discussion and helps provide structure.  Each member brings their knowledge and life experience to the table, and all are encouraged to learn from each other.

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