What to Expect


When you come to Compass Christian Church you will find that our worship services attempt to blend elements of traditional worship with a modern flair.

Our music is blended drawing from hymns familiar to those with a long church history and the newest worship songs that reflect the emerging church music of the 21st century.   The teaching strives to be focused on the importance the scriptures while showing practical ways to apply these Bible principles to everyday life.


Every Sunday morning you can find a place for children.  In the South Wing of our building are several Kid Zones.  At the moment our program includes infants through grade six.  Middle School and High School currently meet with the adults.children

Screened workers are there to greet your children.  We have a check-in system to ensure their safety.  The building is equipped with fire and smoke detection with staff on hand trained in First Aid and CPR.



dress codeDRESS CODE:

There is no dress code.  You will see some in casual jeans and T-shirts while others may have on suits or dresses.   All are welcome — all are accepted.

It will not be unusual for you to encounter attenders wearing a suit, or maybe a dress shirt and tie.  At the same time you should not be surprised to see blue jeans, casual shirts, slacks and blouses, maybe even shorts.

Our ministers often wears “docker” style slacks or jeans.  Sport shirts and even the occasional Hawaiian shirt on a warm day.



Compass Christian Church is part of the loose association of Independent churches known as the Christian Churches / Churches of Christ. They have their historic roots in the Restoration Movement. In the early days of this nation various Christians from varying backgrounds began to seek unity in faith through simply trying to do “Bible things in Bible ways”.  These Christians lived by mottoes such as:

  • “No creed but Christ, no book but the Bible”
  • “In essentials unity, non-essentials liberty, and in all things love”

They took the Bible as their guide and started churches that were independent  and self governing.restoration movement

They never claimed to be the only Christians, but to definitely be “Christians Only”.

Originally founded as the Kenmore Church of Christ over 90 years ago,  Compass is a rebirth and Re-envisioned congregation that is trying to promote Christian values while being remaining relevant and significant in the community life of Kenmore.

In that same heritage Compass is an independent, Bible based church that welcomes anyone who is honestly seeking to follow Christ and are willing to be his disciple (student) based on the New Testament pattern for belief and lifestyle.

We seek to translate first century Christianity into a contemporary context. Small groups are a central value of our congregation. These groups can take on various styles and formats – as long as they provide a gateway for new people to discover faith and church life.

No one at Compass claims to have all the answers or to be the “perfect” Christian.  Rather we all are fellow students of Jesus’ teachings and are continually trying to find ways to grow, mature, and express the love of God in our lives.