Why Compass?

Compass-Logo-BlackRed-300We are a faith community characterized by four key compass points:

  • N – Navigate people to Jesus.
  • E – Engage the community whenever possible.
  • S – Serve everyone in love.
  • W – Worship, growing through study, prayer and praise.

While our “true north” is always to point toward Jesus, we also understand that everyone, from the older veteran church member to the first time curious visitor, is constantly adjusting course to move in that direction. For this reason, our logo’s compass needle isn’t pointed “due north” to symbolize our need to keep orienting ourselves back in the right direction.

Out Logo appears most times in a combination of Red and Black.  Sometimes we will use variations on that theme.  For many years these colors have been associated with Kenmore and Kenmore sports.  We seek to have the main impact of our ministry focus on the Kenmore / Ward 9 area of Akron.  Anyone from anywhere is welcome at Compass — but our major focus is on our immediate neighborhood.