We seek worship that is reverent but relevant.

Worship is much more than a Sunday ritual.  While the rituals and the corporate time together as a community of faith are extremely important and valuable —  true worship is woven throughout one’s entire daily routine.

Worship is the act or process by which one shows respect, devotion or admiration for a person or object.  For the one who is seeking to make God a priority in life  — worship becomes part of every daily activity.

By making Bible reading, Prayer, Study, and times of corporate worship priority items in our lives we can begin to grow and mature in faith.  This is accomplished best in a community.  Community that consists of the larger context of corporate worship services as well as the Community that consists of the more intense and focused times of “living life together” in small groups.

At Compass the corporate services are informal — but reverent.  Fun — but still with a sense of marvel in the presence of God.

Come as you are.

Expect to find us relaxed and open.

Music will be a blend of traditional and contemporary.  Prayers will be honest and sincere.   The rituals explained and meaningful.

In the Compass groups the rule is “think circles – not rows”.   We expect everyone to feel comfortable and open to share.  These groups are designed to help the participants learn not just Bible truths, but how those truths apply to day to day life.

It doesn’t matter if the worship is a groups 5 or 6 — or a gathering of several hundred.   We seek always to be reverent before God while still enjoying the experience and finding the relevance of God’s Word in life.

10 thoughts on “Worship

  1. I’m interested what your view and understanding of the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues is. The gifts of the Holy Spirit also, as you perceive them.
    I don’t fully understand your stance from this web page. I thank you for your answer to my enquiry.

    • Sorry to be so long in our reply. Time sort slipped by getting ready for launch.
      The Holy Spirit is a the living active spirit of God living in the life of each believer. That is promise given in Acts 2 at baptism. Remission (forgiveness) of sin and gift of the Holy Spirit.

      The spirit manifests himself in the lives of believers in a variety of ways — not 1 and 2 Corinthians. Tongues a gift among many and is never in scripture shown as a special sign. According to Paul and careful consideration of the original Greek of the Corinthians the tongues were recognizable languages and were able to be interpreted by those who spoke those languages (see Acts 2). The tongues of angels found in KJV is a misinterpretation and not true to the original language or context.

    • We see the NT pattern as being immersed as part of the salvation process.
      The original language uses the Greek word for “dunk” or “immerse” but unfortunately the KJV literally made up the English word baptize from that Greek work and thus we have lost that meaning.
      Acts 2:38 and Romans 6 both show that baptism is part of entering in to a relationship with Jesus Christ through faith. As one comes to the point of repenting (changing the direction of their lives) and then confesses their belief and trust in Jesus they are baptized (immersed) as a symbol of the Old sinful man dying and then being raised to a new life. This mimics Christ’s death burial and rising from the dead.

      We are promised at this point the gift / presence of God’s spirit (Holy Spirit) dwelling within us to guide and direct. Every believer has this presence.

    • We typically use the NIV, but other translations may be used to illustrate or clarify a passage. Those who preach at Compass have backgrounds in dealing with original languages and research the passages completely

  2. I’m sending this email through gmail. I sent a standard letter as a brother in Christ to Compass. No answer was received back, why? I have an address of 2093 Leetonia Rd; Leetonia, Ohio 44431. My phone# is 330-692-1778. I’m terminal with kidney & heart. I wish like my Brother Paul our sister congregations would be come a closer family.

    • Brother Bob —

      You and I have talked on the phone several times. I am a director with N.O.A.H. as well as working with Compass. I have been involved through N.O.A.H. with helping to plant Valley Christian. Your letter didn’t seem to imply a reply was expected. We are working to bring churches and disciples together in the Akron area and will be including N.O.A.H. in our mission giving this coming year.

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