We seek worship that is reverent but relevant.

Worship is much more than a Sunday ritual.  While the rituals and the corporate time together as a community of faith are extremely important and valuable —  true worship is woven throughout one’s entire daily routine.

Worship is the act or process by which one shows respect, devotion or admiration for a person or object.  For the one who is seeking to make God a priority in life  — worship becomes part of every daily activity.

By making Bible reading, Prayer, Study, and times of corporate worship priority items in our lives we can begin to grow and mature in faith.  This is accomplished best in a community.  Community that consists of the larger context of corporate worship services as well as the Community that consists of the more intense and focused times of “living life together” in small groups.

At Compass the corporate services are informal — but reverent.  Fun — but still with a sense of marvel in the presence of God.

Come as you are.

Expect to find us relaxed and open.

Music will be a blend of traditional and contemporary.  Prayers will be honest and sincere.   The rituals explained and meaningful.

In the Compass groups the rule is “think circles – not rows”.   We expect everyone to feel comfortable and open to share.  These groups are designed to help the participants learn not just Bible truths, but how those truths apply to day to day life.

It doesn’t matter if the worship is a groups 5 or 6 — or a gathering of several hundred.   We seek always to be reverent before God while still enjoying the experience and finding the relevance of God’s Word in life.

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